Friday, May 1, 2009

stranded in terengganu .... :p

Its been like 2 weeks i'm being posted in terengganu. Life is so so boring and monotonous here. Nothing much to do here, the most also we'll be left 4 dead-ing in the cyber cafe which around 10 minutes drive to town and that also once a week because its quite costly... haha. Staying in a bungalow within a golf course isn't that bad. Nice environment and nice view ^^ ... hehe .. Unfortunately i can't afford a golf set, if not will be golfing everyday dy.

Flying here is quite different compare to flying in langkawi. The training area is much bigger compare to langkawi and also more relax. The prosedure is also simplier. The lady traffic controller's voice also sweeter. hahahaha ..... Flying solo is usually boring so i took some photograph up there....

Pulau kapas

In between Banjaran Titiwangsa at 7000ft ....

Clouds .... for this case a huge one

morning horizon ...

cotton like clouds at 3000 ft

more clouds ....

A rainbow from 1500 ft .... beautiful isn't it...??

Its been a while since i really go back home and really hang out with my friends. I miss everything back home. I could remember the last time i went back was only a short 4 days. So little time and so much things to do. Hmm, i miss many events and also parties as i'm here in terengganu. Mui ching, sorry k .... i can't make it for your 21st birthday party. hehe ... for YOU, i trully miss you. We never seen each other for like 3 months and counting. miss you soooooo much .... Of course, i miss my family very much also ....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sweet 2nd year and still counting ....

I still remember the first time i saw her back in college. She is just another average girl that manage to grab my attention. She also manage to stand out among the rest... haha...

So, its been 2 years now. So much we've gone through so much tears and laughter together eventhough we're always apart from each other for months most of the time. Fortunately you understands and patient enough to wait for me. Having you as my gf is trully something to be proud of to me. Who wants a guy like me ...? Ugly, weird, don't have a promising future etc.

She is Sim Yien chun came all the way from Bintulu. Haha ...
Happy 2nd anniversary 公主 ....

The both of us ... hehe

Friday, January 9, 2009

on the rocks ....

Its been a while since i updated my blog. Take a look at it, kinda dusty and mushrooms growing everywhere. As the matter of fact, the blogger himself isn't any better. Yea, i did say it many times but that doesn't mean i must stop right...?? Sooooo .. I'M BORED IN THIS ISLAND. haha ... For the past few weeks its was kind of interesting. So it was new year and my bunch of friends form kl came over to Langkawi to celebrate it . My god... why langkawi...?? haha ... We had a orgasmic time together. Drinking, laughing, teasing, dramas, making fun, eating and many more. At least they manage to shed some light to a cast away which has already give up hope that is stranded on an island. haha ... The picture above ... from left: jon, adrian,edy, me and jos at pantai cenang. haha ... For their 5 days stay in langkawi, I drank quite a lot with them. Fortunately i wasn't schedule to fly if not the consequences are unthinkable.haha ... That's how i celebrated my new year. I manage to call her at 12 sharp just to wish her. Unfortunately we didn't talk long as she needs to wake up early the next day.

Anyway i discover that i'm pretty sensitive or maybe allergic (depends on how you look at it) to alcohol. The picture above and below are my once smooth and chubby palms after drinking with my friends. It started off becoming red then becomes very itchy. Then rashes starts to engulf my hands and finally, the skin starts peeling off. The new skin are so sensitive that i really feel every key on the keyboard when i'm writing this post. haha ...

The left hand is in better condition compare to the right hand. Owh ya, its real fun peeling off the skin. Its doesn't hurt at all. Its freaking awesome. haha ...

haha ... After new year celebration, my friends went back and finally life returns back to boredom. As you can see, my batch mates and i cramp into a car and start driving to everywhere without a fix destination. Fortunately the fuel was cheap. haha....
Some people ask me what's my new year resolution. Hmm, i only have one.... :

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

what to look forward in 2009 ....

The year is coming to an end. 2008 is quite a year to me. Many events come and go but of course, i choose to only leave the negative ones behind and bring the happy ones forward. I somehow felt 2008 just swiftly pass by perhaps its because i'm too occupied with stuff or maybe i slept too much. haha .... anyway, what's in 2009 that we should look forward to. For a movie freak like me, of course movies la. haha ...

X Men Origins:Wolverine


Red Sonja

Transformers 2 : Revenge of the fallen
(must watch ... yummy..!! haha )

terminator 4 : terminator salvation
( can't wait ..!! )
Ninja Assassin starring Rain from the CLEAR shampoo advertisement

Planet 51

Star trek
( Boring ... :P)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus a Terry Gilliam film starring the late Heath Ledger ( you know ... the Joker in dark knight )

GI joe : Rise of cobra
( gonna love it ..!!)

( a must for star wars fans )

S. Darko


The curious case of Benjamin Button

Angels & Demons
( compulsary to watch...!! )

Monster VS Aliens

The above are only those with posters which i manage to find. There are also :
  • Night at the museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian
  • The pink panther 2
  • Fast and furious
  • Friday the 13th ( the remake )
  • The proposal
  • Bride wars
  • Wolfman
  • Greyskull : master of the universe
  • Pee Wee's Playhouse : The movie

There are also rumours that the following movies will be up next year:

  • Warcraft ( yes.. the game but they make movie )
  • Jurrasic park 4 : extinction

That's all i have, will update you people if there is.

Friday, November 28, 2008

the intermittent fan ...

A local beetle is flying around an aged florescent light hoping to keep itself warm without knowing that florescent light doesn't give out heat. Its raining outside. The temperature is enhancing our laziness to do anything. Everything seems to be in a stand still. The night seems to be forever. All we could hear are just heavy and solemn rain drops smashing on to the faded blue coloured with cigarettes butt filled zinc roof that covers the surau. The unsynchronised rhythm of it penetrates deep into my heart and reminds me way back home, of course the warmth of it. From a distance away, something interesting perhaps, something warm is happening.

The stand fan is innocently trying its very best to circulate the air in the room. Its dusty blades were spinning and making sounds as if its trying to tell everybody that the 3 of them were working real hard. The yellowish which was once white extension wire was stretched to its max making the sockets just reach one of the four legs of the bed. The miserable fan's plug is connected to one of its loose sockets. The bed was somehow rocking with some sort of a rhythmic manner. Besides the squeeking sounds, it interrupts the fan connection making the fan on and off according to the so-called rhythmic flow of the rocking bed..... So, why is it rocking....??

Its entirely up to you people to figure it out..... anyway, the incident really happen. haha....

Monday, November 24, 2008

The natural side effect of chronic boredom.....

Life currently is bored as usual, i know my close friend hear a lot about it already. What to do, it really like that ...I feel as is my life never move forward at all. Its being stationary for a very very long time. Time is passing rather slow in Langkawi then in KL. Don't know why. It has got nothing to do with the equinox and stuff like that. I desperately need to find something to do in order to burn my time and to avoid me from doing unreasonable things. That's where TVB came to rescue. HAHA ... I've been spending time, i mean 2 months watching the dramas below.

haha .... I don't have any interest in these type of dramas before but after start watching i can't stop! its like a curse or something ...haha. Luckily my suppliers will never go dry with dramas. I truly appreciate them. Love ya...
Sometimes i don't know what i'm doing here. I feel so lonely. My batch mates will go out party, drinking and have fun. I just don't wanna go out. The feel of having fun and spending money is totally not here. Perhaps i have quite a lot of commitment here as i'm alone. No parents to support.
I would just stay in the room and campus and just rot. Once in a while i'll think of silly and stupid things. I really miss you very much. I can't help myself from worrying about you. Maybe i should just let go. What can i say...?? TOO FREE DY I GUESS....
My friends in kl and a few in UK, I truly miss you guys. Everything is being put to a stand still here. I only go flying around 4 times a week and it doesn't take long, so the rest of the time is for myself. I feel really lonely ....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mistakes ... :P

Aim for perfect flight ... That's what Shinkai always says in the Japanese series titled good luck. Unfortunately saying and doing is totally 2 different things. So, as a freshie in the aviation world, i definitely do many mistakes. Here are some of them.... but don't la so bad laugh at me.... haha :

1. I was about to depart for a flight, so i needa acknowledge the control tower.
I should say: " Langkawi approach, This is MAHA 06 on 119. 4, Good afternoon "
What came out from my mouth : " Langkawi 06 ......." then i quiet dy ...

2. When i was flying , I suppose to turn left to an island. The instructor told me to turn left.
The final result was .... I made a RIGHT turn.

3. Each time the control tower gives me an instruction, i need to repeat back. Its a standard procedure. One day, the control tower was giving this instruction to me " MAHA 06, you're cleared for taxy for training area LANGGUN 6000ft and below ......."
What i repeated was " Cleared to training area langgun 3000ft and below ....."
The instructor was like , " Chong, where in the world did those number came from....?? "

well , so far that's it ... Will update you all with more next time... haha